Patrick Alt (b.1950-2013)


Patrick Alt (1950-2013).  A resident of Southern California since 1970,  Patrick received his BFA from California Institute of Fine Arts and an MFA in painting from the University of California, Irvine.  In addition to his mastery of fine art photography,  Patrick’s professions included: museum exhibition design curator for the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, CA, founder and president of Space Inceptions, a commercial interior design and architectural firm, a nationally published furniture designer, and professor at UCLA Extension.

 With 45 years of photographic experience, Patrick was internationally known for his mastery of the challenging platinum process, and his expert knowledge of large format cameras and optics.  He restored many large format cameras, including a 18 x 22” mammoth plate from the late 1800’s. His photographic work reflects the tradition of large format photography, with its belief in clarity, craft and beauty as the prime sources of image making.  His images of nudes, still life's, and landscapes are printed in toned silver, cyan, and the exquisite alternative process of hand coated platinum/palladium, using cameras ranging in size from 8"x10" to the aforementioned mammoth plate.

 Patrick’s work has been shown in numerous exhibitions throughout the United States and Japan, and is included in many important private and corporate collections.  His work has been published in several photographic magazines, as well as a series of books. He was represented by G. Ray Hawkins Gallery in Los Angeles, CA, Susan Spiritus Gallery in Newport Beach,  CA and currently Peter Fetterman Gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, CA. 

Patrick's Native American Powwow platinum portraits are archived at the Autry National Center in Los Angeles, California. These photographs were taken with the 18"x22" Mammoth Plate camera.



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. New Paintings – Cohen and Ziskin, Beverly Hills, CA (1979)

. Recent Paintings – 201 Frankfort – Huntington Beach, CA



. Patrick Alt – Platinum Printer, Mammoth Plate Photographer by Caren Levin (2014)

. Erin – a photographic portrait by Patrick Alt (2013)

. Lux Et Flux – The Motion Photographs by Patrick Alt (2012)

. Wood, Water, Stone – Nudes in the Landscape by Patrick Alt (2013)

. Pools of Desire – Day/Night – Nudesby Patrick Alt (2013)

. Anatomica Natura – Nudes in the Landscape by Patrick Alt (2013)

. 29 Palms – Desert still lifes and nudes by Patrick Alt.(2013)   Introduction by Amy Scott, curator, Autry National Center (2013)

.  Night Flashes – Pin hole camera night shots by Patrick Alt (2013)

. Lux Et Flux – The Motion Photographs by Patrick Alt (2012)

. Avatars of the Sacred Feminine – Studio nudes by Patrick Alt (2012)

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. Perspective on Beauty: Southern California.  Published by Towers Perrin, showcasing their collection of Patrick’s major body of work in color, using large format cameras. (1999)